For anyone and anywhere

We truly believe that new money technologies based on transparency and freedom will lead to a better future

Simple and inexpensive

Our mission is to be the services provider with banking and investment products all in one place

New digital solutions reduce cost, speed up payments, ensure transparency and provide benefits to all users

We work to improve your day-to-day life

The banking system continues to be highly bureaucratic, expensive and inconvenient. Today, average worldwide payments and transfers can be from 3% to 10% of the payment amount. We believe that managing your finances should be available to everyone and based on the principles of free or nearly-free cost, global access, and full transparency. Just like the internet and social media now

Transparent and socially oriented banking

The pillars of Cosoo are transparency and social responsibility. Our belief is that money and the banking system should serve the needs of the people and not vice versa

Save customers' money and pay less fees

Financial services and transfers should be provided free or at the very lowest rates. Using the financial service should benefit the client in the form of rewards & cashbacks

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