Manage money easily

Cosoo is a modern digital app that allows access to many financial services in one super App

  • Digital and physical Visa card
  • Extensive list of payment methods
  • Cashback and perks for every purchase
Coming soon
Hey, Cosoo Card

Faster payments and better budgeting with a virtual Cosoo debit card Visa

  • Ideal for online purchases
  • Ideal for making secure online payments
  • Ideal for remittances and transfers
Foreign currency exchange

Most popular national currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, SGD and others in a one safe place

Dedicated IBANs and GBP accounts

Free European IBAN and GBP account online, without the need to visit the bank. Send money to your friends to bank accounts worldwide

Payments worldwide

Send EUR, GBP and other currency in some clicks

Global Payment Systems

Use SEPA and Faster Payments for inbound/outbound transactions and settlements in real time

Cards, accounts, payments and other products all in Cosoo

Coming soon

$10 bonus for new customers
You only need a phone number
Coming soon
Invite friends and get a $5 bonus
The transaction takes less than a second
Coming soon
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